The Archipelago – Allemune’s lawless and untamed tropical southwest.  A dense maze of tiny islands populated by salvagers, fishermen, castaways, hermits, shanty towns, hideouts, and shrines (abandoned and otherwise)

Fathroe – One of Allemune’s two major “city states”, so to speak. A wealthy, bustling Metropolis, Fathroe is Allemune’s centre for art, entertainment, and medical science. With a high standard of living, low crime rate, and plentiful venues for entertainment throughout the city, residents of Fathroe have a reputation for being elitist and patronizing towards people from less developed regions.

Faunis – A small farm town populated mostly by Ursin and Satyrs until the wealthy Haynesworth family established a ranch for exotic, genetically augmented horses several decades ago, bringing their crew of English staff along with them. Faunis became a magnet for UK residents transplanting themselves to Allemune and Faunis natives are often recognized by other islanders for the British accents anyone raised in the community picks up.

Gaetz – Allemune’s largest city, more crowded and crime-ridden than Fathroe, leading the world in sustainable manufacturing practices. The elected government and law enforcement agencies of the city are ineffective compared to the complex network of gangs and vigilante organizations that more or less moderate crime and commerce.

Geisterstadt – Allemune’s native creature inhabitants are wary of the Island’s Northern coast and believe it to be the Ghost King Deszar’s domain. Geisterstadt was founded by humans dismissing this as a silly superstition, making it the most northern organized settlement in the country as well as almost exclusively populated by humans. Originally settled by Eastern Europeans fleeing various conflicts People from Geisterstadt are raised to speak Russian, German, Romanian, and Polish interchangeably. Many speak Romany and Yiddish additionally, depending on their social circles.  Native Europeans recognize folks born and raised in Geisterstadt a mile away by their mishmash accents.

Roccoco – Allemune’s largest settlement of Roqemans, a  hybrid species that came to be when humans of the island produced offspring with Roqester, a race of mammalian shapeshifters. A wealthy, exclusionary, and xeophobic community.

Táan Gwaii – Allemune’s oldest human settlement founded by natives of North America’s West coast long before Europeans came into the picture. Due to the relative isolation of the Eastern seaboard from the busier culture on the West, early settlers of Táan Gwaii were able to make a slower, more gradual integration to Allemunal society than other humans who appeared and were promptly driven off. Many people in the area speak a language that bears some resemblance to Old Allemunal combined with Haida.

Port Tihq – a large, crowded beach town. The outskirts of the city are fairly safe for tourists who sometimes come over from the beach resort several miles away for the novelty of seeing the “talking animals”, but the inner streets can be dangerous if you get on the wrong person’s bad side. Tihq is the most travelled route between Fathroe and the Archipelago, making it one of the wealthiest coast towns.

Tournament Grounds – Centre for the annual Indigo Serpent tournament.