Because I keep getting asked this and it’s very frustrating to answer every email individually;

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: It has been a ridiculous, tumultuous year for both my colourist, Emily, and myself. After running an extremely intense gauntlet at my previous job, I came into a pretty amazing position with a ton of creative control on a high-profile project that I don’t want to actually name until it starts airing. It’s a rewarding, demanding position that I love but requires more of my attention than any job I’ve ever held to date, and creating two webcomics in addition to the workload has not been an easy task. In addition to that, more than half a year ago I was made aware of a golfball sized tumor in my neck and began a long gamut of doctor’s appointments,¬†biopsies and eventually surgery to remove a large chunk of my thyroid and determine whether or not I have cancer. For the record, I’m still in the middle of doctor’s visits trying to find out. And if that wasn’t enough, the same week I found out they couldn’t definitively determine whether or not I had cancer without doing surgery, I ran into a situation with a careless driver who caused me to drop my motorcycle in traffic and left me with a broken, dislocated shoulder and nerve damage paralyzing all but the thumb, index, and middle finger of my drawing hand. Thankfully the nerve damage has mostly cleared up and I’m only dealing with residual numbness now, but I spent the last several months drawing both MGDMT and storyboarding a television show with a broken and mostly paralyzed arm. It was a slow, arduous process that left me working around the clock to keep on top of what I could, but to me that was preferable to giving up and feeling sorry for myself while I waited for my body to stitch itself back together.

I hope in light of all this, it’s understandable that Platinum Black has been difficult for me to keep on top of. But at no point have I ever stopped working on it, it’s just been progressing very slowly. The next update will be six pages, all of which have been drawn, inked, and sent to Emily for colour. The following update will be three pages, which have also been drawn and are about half-inked at this point. There’s a status blog for the comic over here that I update every time I manage to finish anything, so before sending me an email asking “what happened to Platinum Black” please check there for status and news.

Thank you for your patience, I love this comic, but a whole lot of life has been getting in the way of it.